House Specials


Our Signature Brie Blossom—Garnished with apple slices and served with water crackers.

 (for 20 guests) $34.95

Honey Infused Goat Cheese—With apricots and sugared nuts.

 (for 20 guests) $34.95

Vegetable BasketsA bountiful selection of fresh vegetables in a basket, with your choice of zesty vegetable, sun-dried tomato, or fat-free yogurt pesto dip. (Basket to be returned)

(for 20 guests) $34.95

Shrimp Platter—Large shrimp, peeled and deveined, and garnished with our own cocktail sauce.

$59.95 (40 ct) 
$119.95 (80 ct)

Boule with Artichoke—Sourdough boule bread, hollowed and filled with artichoke dip, served with sourdough toast cubes.

(for 10 guests) $34.95

Boule with Crab—Sourdough boule bread, hollowed and stuffed with hot crab, cheddar, jalapeño dip, served with sourdough toast cubes.

(for 10 guests) $49.95

Filet of Beef—The most tender beef, roasted to perfection and accompanied by French baguettes and horseradish mayonnaise.

Market Price

Chicken Chiara—Chicken with shrimp in tarragon cream sauce.

(for 10 guests) $84.95
(for 20 guests) $158.95

Chicken Florentine—Egg-battered chicken with spinach in a lemon, white wine sauce.

(for 10 guests) $74.95
(for 20 guests) $148.95

Watermelon Boat—A beautiful centerpiece of watermelon, carved with a decorative handle and laden with fresh fruit salad.

Priced Seasonally

Fruit Kabobs—Skewers with fresh pineapple, melon, grapes, and berries with cheesecake dip.

Market Price

Dessert Treats—Petite ricotta-filled cannolis, custard-filled eclairs, whipped cream-filled cream puffs.

$45.95(20 ct)
$89.95(40 ct)