Heavenly Fruit- Our signature Holiday Dessert- serves 10-12

Tastes better than it looks!

Tastes better than it looks!

I’m sharing this recipe for the first time in all the years we have been making it with our customers

2 Eggs

1 Cup sugar

5 Tbsp flour

1/2 tsp. baking powder

2 1/4 Cups diced dates ( Do not buy the pre-sugared dates)

1/2 Cup diced walnuts

1 Tsp. vanilla

3 oranges, peeled and sectioned

2 bananas, sliced

1 can ( 20 oz.)diced pineapple, drained or 1/2 fresh pineapple diced


2 Cups heavy cream

1/4 Cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 325. Grease a sheet pan and set aside.

In a stand mixer with the whisk attachment beat eggs and 1 Cup of sugar at medium speed for 3 minutes until light and fluffy.

Fold in flour and baking powder. Add walnuts ,dates and vanilla.

Pour mixture onto prepared sheet pan and spread to 1/2”.thickness.(The mixture will puddle on the sheet pan but will not fill it.)

Bake 20-25 minutes- the crust should be firm on the surface and slightly gooey but not runny on the inside. Let the crust cool. ( Crust can be made a week in advance if wrapped and stored in a cool spot.)

When ready to serve, break the crust into pieces. Don’t worry if the pieces aren’t same size- the fruit will cover all!

Line a serving platter with the crust pieces. Top with bananas ,oranges and pineapple.

Whip the heavy cream with 1/4 Cup of sugar and vanilla until stiff.

Top the fruit with whipped cream and refrigerate until ready to serve. This dessert is best prepared 3-4 hours before serving.

Posted on December 1, 2018 .